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Maximise your tax benefits with the Beckham Law in Spain.

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What is the Beckham Law?

The Beckham Law is also known as the tax regime for foreign workers in Spain. This legislation provides a special framework for those who meet certain criteria, offering them a fixed rate of 24% on income tax, instead of the standard progressive rate in Spain, for a period of up to six years. At Gestify, we provide legal advice to ensure proper compliance with the law and to maximise benefits for our clients.

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We protect your fiscal interests

We offer guidance to ensure proper compliance with the requirements of the Beckham Law to prevent future conflicts.


Our lawyers are skilled at easily adapting to the specific situation of our clients to tailor legal strategies accordingly.


We ensure that all our clients meet the necessary requirements to avoid potential legal issues in the future.


We are clear and honest with our clients so that they understand their obligations and rights at all times.


Our numerous successes assisting with the Beckham Law reflect our ability to resolve our clients’ legal and tax issues.

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Legal advice and protection

At Gestify, we conduct a detailed assessment of each client’s situation to determine eligibility for the Beckham Law. With the support of our team of specialised lawyers, we provide advice at various stages of the process to ensure compliance with all requirements. Should problems or discrepancies arise, we offer legal assistance to protect our clients’ interests.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common concerns our clients have. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What are the requirements of the Beckham Law?

Some requirements of the Beckham Law include not having been a tax resident in Spain in the last ten years and having a work contract with a company in Spain.

What tax benefits does the Beckham Law offer?

The main benefits of this 2005 law are a fixed rate of 24% on income tax and the exclusion of certain foreign incomes from the taxable base in Spain.

How do I calculate taxes under the Beckham Law?

Calculating taxes under the Beckham Law can be complex due to different rates and exclusions. At Gestify, we can help you optimise your tax situation.

What are the risks of not complying with the requirements of the Beckham Law?

Non-compliance with the requirements can result in serious tax and legal consequences, such as financial penalties, tax audits, and potential immigration issues.

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